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First Meet Up - Notes

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1First Meet Up - Notes Empty First Meet Up - Notes on Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:21 pm


Date: Wednesday March 19
Location:Barnes & Nobles (OBT)
Members Attended:
Changes Made:
-Meetings moved to Fridays at 7:00P.M.
-Name changed to Coffee & Cosplay
Ideas for Club:
-Fun with fabric: Trade/Sell fabric at meetings.
-Tip Time: Share costume making tips.
-Get in a Group: Talk about group cosplays.
-Sell Yourself: Talk about your talents and try to get commissions.
-Pot Luck: Lets have a feast!
Ideas for Cons:
--Art on the spot (Anime Day)
--Art table (Mega Con?)
--Cosplay Cafe
-Mystery Dinner
Ideas for Cosplay Cafe
-Cakes and Tea/Coffee
-Maid Costumes (Wendee/Shelby?)
-Different Themes

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